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I believe we are inherently free
Core Process Psychotherapy in Exeter and Mid Devon
We have a core wellness that can become obscured by past experiences

Jo Phillips Psychotherapy

Jo Phillips

Mindfulness based psychotherapy

Core Process Psychotherapy is mindfulness based and can help us become clear-seeing and present with what we find difficult. 

This clears some space for our wisdom and and health to shine through and rediscover what it is in our life that brings joy and satisfaction.

Open hands - Jo Phillips
Child in sunny daisy field

Be truly seen and heard

We all long to be met and accepted exactly where we are

Shed some light

Explore those areas in your life which can feel stuck

Mindful awareness

Slow down to fully see, to welcome and to update


Exploring relationship issues

“Upon the path of life, pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

Free initial session

The best way to decide if a therapist is right for you is to experience them for yourself.  Get in touch today for a free, no commitment consultation

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